I have always found it difficult to write anything about myself, so forgive me if this bio sounds trite. I am a somewhat “normal human being” having many of the same strengths and weaknesses that all people share.  My life has consisted of work (in many variables) and play (in lesser variables).  I have raised my children, paid my taxes, contributed to my community and served my country.

My passions run deep, my dislike for social injustice and government incompetence strong.  I attempt to capture the spirituality of life via writing, painting and photography but have yet to come close to being able to ensnare it’s vibrancy.

I think that the one trait I hold that is not as common as many is that I enjoy drifting from job to job, location to location and I have come to enjoy the transition more than the destination.  I have lived and worked in many parts of the northern hemisphere, met many fascinating people, held interesting positions of employment, and enjoyed greatly the majesty of the many varied landscapes that encompass this land.  I will continue to do this until I can no longer participate in such adventures. At that juncture in my life, I hopefully will have found my nirvana where I can sit in awe of sunsets and reminisce the past.

Go far: Do not stop living.  Find and explore all the aspects of life that life has to offer.  Experiment, explore, dream, and run like there is no tomorrow.

Take chances: Do not be afraid of change.  Relish the variety that you can have in life simply by doing.  Do not sit on the porch and watch the big dogs run by.  Join them and feel the wind in your face.

Live passionately: Enjoy and savor the miracles of life.  Create and utilize the sights, sounds and smells that is part of the majesty and wonder of nature.  Encompass and cling to the free gifts of life, such as family, friends, and the connection you have to all.  And live like you have no tomorrow.

For me, growing older is not an option, but growing up is.  When you can keep your spirit young, then life is worth living.  One can still look forward to creating goals and adventures. Life can be filled with new opportunities.  I am at peace with the idea that acceptance has replace guilt, that quietness has replaced the turbulence's of life, and simplicity has replaced complexity.  You do not have a choice of slowing time, but you do have a choice on how you will spend it. 

My 2 Rules of Life

Find what is most important to you and eliminate the rest.

Look beyond your senses and remember to never underestimate your dreams.