Photography Resources

 Cambridge in Colour:  A series of very technical tutorials about aspects of digital photography such as camera sensors, histograms, colour management and autofocus.

Luminous Landscape:  Another website with a comprehensive series of technical articles. One of the oldest and most prestigious photography websites around.

Depth of Field Master:  Depth of field is commonly misunderstood. This website explains depth of field very well. You can also print out depth of field tables for your lenses – a must for landscape and architecture photographers.


STREET PHOTOGRAPHY:  A book about street photography in the digital age. Forget what you know about street photography and read how Thomas Leuthard (85mm) explores the street with his camera. Find useful tips and tricks on how to approach people, getting closer to them and get the best out of you street experience. His work-flow starts without a camera and ends in the galleries of this World. It’s not about the Decisive Moment or how you setup your camera. It’s more about the approach of getting a successful street photographer who will build a successful community around the World.  It’s all about sharing and socializing. You will be taken to a journey through the big cities of this World looking into the eyes of strangers. Candid is the key word and for an exclusive book which will change your life as a street photographer…

COLLECTING SOULS:  My second eBook about Street Photography.  While the first book was about the basics, this book is more advanced and contains a lot of personal thoughts and ideas. I tried to explain what Street Photography means to me and how I see it. It contains more than 30 short chapters about the different areas and topics of street photography. It should help beginners to understand the process of making story telling photos and to improve your personal style as a street photographer. Together with the first book it will be a good reference for anyone who wants to become a street photographer.

StreetFaces: My third eBook about Street Photography.  This time I wrote down everything you need to know about candid street portraits.  This is a very close, direct and honest way of shooting in the streets. It has been my specialty for the last 3 years and there were not many people who did it the same way. There are also a lot of people who don’t like this way of unasked approach. For me it’s the interest in humanity which lets me getting that close. In the end it’s your personal decision, if you want to do such photos yourself or not. The guideline is here and there are a lot of sample photos included. All you need to know how to get closer, to shoot direct and fearless from a very short distance. 

  Photo Compete:  Once you've polished up your photography skills no doubt you’ll be tempted to enter a few photography competitions. Photo Compete has a listing of current photography competitions.

Photo Competitions:  Even more photography competitions including the big name competitions from companies like Sony and National Geographic. 

Pro-Imaging Photo Competitions:
But make sure you read this before entering a photography competition. There are competitions that take away your copyright – this website lists the competitions that don’t.

A ton of ideas for making money from your photos.