Riding the roads of life.

I am a somewhat “normal human being” having many of the same strengths and weaknesses that all people share.  My life has consisted of work (in many variables) and play (in lesser variables).  I have raised my children, paid my taxes, contributed to my community and served my country.

I recently retired from earning my paycheck  as an addiction counselor.  My 18 years working with disadvantage youth, adjudicated youth and adult inmates has been interesting, frustrating and for the most part challenging, but extremely satisfying. Once retired from the world of addiction. I found this new lifestyle somewhat boring,  so...I have pimped myself out as a carpenter. 

My passions run deep. My dislike for social injustice, corporate thievery and government incompetence is strong.  So is my dislike of onions, most vegetables and warm beer.  As a way to maintain what little sanity I have remaining,  I attempt to capture the spirituality of life via writing, painting and photography but have yet to come close to being able to ensnare it’s vibrancy.  But....I persevere...

For all, growing older is not an option, but growing up is.  When you can keep your spirit young, then life is worth living.  One can still look forward to creating goals and adventures. Life can be filled with new opportunities.  I am at peace with the idea that acceptance has replace guilt, that quietness has replaced the turbulence’s of life, and simplicity has replaced complexity.  You do not have a choice of slowing time, but you do have a choice on how you will spend it.

My 3 Rules of Life…

Find what is most important to you and eliminate the rest.

Look beyond your senses and remember to never underestimate your dreams.

Do not go where you are not wanted.

Some photos of my world, past and present...