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Go Far, Take Chances and Live Passionately

Many years ago, during the training exercises I attended  as a military policeman, I was instructed to "go fast and take chances."   I remembered that idiom, and as time went by, it morphed into a phrase I used numerously while working as a substance abuse counselor.  The meaning follows:  

Go far:    Do not stop living.  Find and explore all the aspects of life that time has to offer you.  Experiment, explore, dream, and run like there is no tomorrow.

Take chances:    Do not be afraid of change.  Relish the variety that you can have in life simply by doing.  Do not sit on the porch and watch the big dogs run by.  Join them and feel the wind in your face.

Live passionately:    Enjoy and savor the miracles of life.  Create and utilize the sights, sounds and smells that is part of the majesty and wonder of nature.  Encompass and cling to the free gifts of life, such as family, friends, and the connection you have to all.  And live like you have no tomorrow.

Here are some more ideas to live your life with more peace of mind and contentment.  

This week's gallery.

Within the circuit of this plodding life

There enter moments of an azure hue,

Untarnished fair as is the violet

Or anemone, when the spring stew them

By some meandering rivulet, which make

The best philosophy untrue that aims

But to console man for his grievences.

I have remembered when the winter came,

High in my chamber in the frosty nights,

When in the still light of the cheerful moon,

On the every twig and rail and jutting spout,

The icy spears were adding to their length

Against the arrows of the coming sun,

How in the shimmering noon of winter past

Some unrecorded beam slanted across

The upland pastures where the Johnwort grew;

Or heard, amid the verdure of my mind,

The bee's long smothered hum, on the blue flag

Loitering amidst the mead; or busy rill,

Which now through all its course stands still and dumb

Its own memorial, - purling at its play

Along the slopes, and through the meadows next,

Until its youthful sound was hushed at last

In the staid current of the lowland stream;

Or seen the furrows shine but late upturned,

And where the fieldfare followed in the rear,

When all the fields around lay bound and hoar

Beneath a thick integument of snow.

So by God's cheap economy made rich

To go upon my winter's task again.

Poem by Henry David Thoreau

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